About MedSource

MedSource, a wholly owned business of Management Sciences for Health (MSH), was incorporated in Kenya in March 2017 as a group purchasing organization to serve the health care industry.

Management Sciences for Health

MSH is a nonprofit organization whose mission is saving lives and improving the health of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people by closing the gap between knowledge and action in public health.

Our Core Values






Our Purpose - Why MedSource Exists

MedSource’s goal is to improve accessibility and availability of affordable, quality medications, laboratory and health supplies for health care providers and the population at large while strengthening the capacity of its members to improve the management of their businesses.

MedSource Mission - How we deliver on Our purpose

MedSource leverages its core procurement and pharmaceutical management competencies and those of its parent organization, MSH, and the purchasing power of products and services from health care providers to negotiate favorable pricing from suppliers (manufacturers and distributors) while ensuring the quality of supplied products.

How MedSource Works

MedSource seeks to reduce costs while promoting quality across the entire pharmaceutical supply chain through its membership of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, distributors, and manufacturers.
MedSource works with suppliers (manufacturers, importers, and distributors) to streamline access and reduce the overall cost of medical supplies.
MedSource aggregates purchases from its members and directs them to a selected group of suppliers, resulting in larger volumes for those distributors and manufacturers.

MedSource does not purchase or stock medications and related health commodities. Instead, it provides its members with a platform through which the member places orders directly with the suppliers at MedSource-negotiated pricing.